Finalist at the Innovation Award 2019 SH! 22/03/2019

This is some great news we've received from the IVS.

The IVS (Industry & Business Association Schaffhausen) is convinced that innovations, deserve promotion and recognition.

The most exciting and promising innovations from the Schaffhausen region are therefore awarded with the IVS Innovation Prize of the Schaffhausen Platzbanken.

They are looking for extraordinarily successful innovations with high profitability and great economic potential and through our participation, we are among the eleven finalists.

The award ceremony for 1st - 3rd place at the 9th IVS Innovation Prize of the Schaffhauser Platzbanken will take place on 20 June 2019 and will be presented by ITS (Industry and Technology Centre Schaffhausen).

Keep your fingers crossed that we will be awarded among the winning projects!

Finalists - ITS - Schaffhausen Industry and Technology Centre