IMHO - a comment on Whatsapp 10/08/2018

The latest vulnerability in Whatsapp and the manufacturer's handling of it once again show that companies must not rely on this messenger. Basically it is not legally possible to use Whatsapp on company devices. Whether Whatsapp is used on a corporate device for personal or business purposes, contacts in the device are all transferred to Facebook without the consent of those affected. The use of Whatsapp violates the DSGVO in any case and is therefore taboo for companies!

Now, however, another gap in the messenger has appeared: Messages, more precisely quotes, can be manipulated. Facebook's answer: "won't be fixed, users have to check all quoted messages themselves". This lack of interest in the security and integrity of users' data is just another nail in the coffin of their Messenger. Such behaviour should not and must not be tolerated. Once again it shows that the true customers are not the users but companies - companies that buy and process this data. The user is degraded to a product again, just as it has been common for Facebook for years...


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