JIRA2SAP successfully implemented at Kopter Group AG! 07/01/2019

At our valued customer Kopter Group AG, we have successfully implemented JIRA2SAP into their PLM landscape.

With JIRA2SAP Kopter was able to mirror the ERP process for delivering parts from SAP to JIRA in order to use this cost-effective and easy-to-use tool as a workflow engine for the ordering process. The internal purchasers as well as the external suppliers have access to this platform, which not only contains the basis of the order data, manufacturing documents and status, but also bundles the communication between supplier and Kopter.

We got to know Kopter as a very competent company who also value clear communications, this has enabled us to realize the project in just a few weeks.

We would like to sincerely thank you for the confidence you have placed in us and for the reference, for the interesting and positive collaboration, as well as for the professional project preparation and support.

"The JIRA2SAP interface is an important interface within Kopter's PLM landscape. Due to your standardization, we were able to realize a complex solution together with Alpein, from concept to integration, within a few weeks. We have come to know and appreciate the Alpein company as a very customer-oriented service provider, with clear communication and comprehensive documentation of your configuration being one of the outstanding features. "

Philipp Signer

Strategic Purchaser, Kopter Group AG


Kopter Group AG: http://koptergroup.com/

For more Information about JIRA2SAP: https://www.jira2sap.com/