Product Intelligence Integrator (PII)

The SAP Business Objects Reporting Kit for your SAP ME/MII Reports 


Nowadays most of the leading industry 4.0 manufacturing companies implement a manufacturing execution system (MES) to track and evaluate production processes.

The goals of such systems are absolutely clear:

  • Control and manage shop-floor operations

  • Improve production quality

  • Product traceability

  • Real-time process monitoring and reporting

  • Reduce costs

One of the well-known and powerful applications is SAP Manufacturing Execution. The application enables enterprise-wide integration (e.g. ERP systems) for top-floor decision making. It collects data from multiple sources, integrating data systems with shop-floor activities to generate aggregate record of the product history.

SAP ME provides a set of built-in reports to control over shop-floor production by providing user with real-time visibility across entire enterprise. However, they are relatively generic acting as a basis for further more sophisticated reporting based on business requirements.

One of such a reporting successor is Product Intelligence Integrator (PII).

PII comprises a group of reports to analyze the real-time data collected during the production process based on the most important Key Performance Indicators (KPI). PII is a comprehensive reporting suite which provides a flexible view on manufacturing asset utilization and can give quick answers on such crucial question as quality and performance.

The main KPI’s covered by PII are:

  • First Pass Yield (FPY)

  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

  • Manufacturing cycle effectiveness (MCE)

  • Scorecard

Intuitive visual interface of the suite simplifies navigation between reports and makes it easy to obtain required information. Strong graphical elements of PII incorporate KPIs and interactive actions like on-fly parameter adjustment for runtime analysis or jumping to detail reporting. 

PII utilizes up-to-date SAP BO frontend tools – Design Studio, WEBI, Lumira – depending on target audience and content of the reports. 

Alternatively for customers not using SAP BO the PII Reporting Kit can also be delivered as a SAP UI5/Fiori Kit, compatible with the SAP HANA Cloud Platform and S/4HANA

You can find the technical specification here as PDF.