Secure communication and collaboration with SWISS SECURIUM

Digital security these days affects everyone, both private and business. With our product SWISS SECURIUM we offer companies the opportunity to protect their data and communication. 

For over two years, our team has been dedicated to the challenge of developing a secure platform for communication and collaboration that meets all needs. The goal was to give customers complete control over their data, while providing an easy-to-use system that also provides small businesses with all the services they need for their day-to-day business.

SWISS SECURIUM platform covers the complete range of communication and collaboration:

  • Tap-proof phone and video calls
  • Encrypted instant messenger
  • Separate email service
  • Easy data exchange
  • Convenient password manager
  • Remote desktop

The platform also integrates seamlessly into existing systems and offers apps for all popular smartphones and PCs.

All data remain encrypted. Not even ALPEIN Software SWISS AG as the provider can view the data. Another advantage over most competitors: The data are stored exclusively on servers in Switzerland. These are located in a former military bunker 320 meters deep in the mountain massif in Uri and are protected against all kinds of intruders. This is ensured by radiation protection, redundant power supply, multiple backups, complete encryption, fiber optic connections and european hardware and software. A great effort that is worthwhile. After all, business data is now more valuable than ever. A loss of data often means the end for a company.

SWISS SECURIUM became one of the top IT awarded products 2017

As every year the "Initiative Mittelstand" awarded the most innovative IT products of the year. SWISS SECURIUM became one of the top IT awarded products 2017 in the category communication.

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