Engineering and development

The benchmark of ALPEIN Software Swiss AG for the development of software:

Highest performance flexibility, expert know-how and an optimal business model via "Virtual Teams"!


The development of software products of all kinds and for all industries is an essential part of the service range of ALPEIN Software SWISS AG. Both in the complete or partial takeover of software development by us or our different virtual team resources, as well as the monitoring and the technical support of your IT professionals by us, you will always benefit from our specialists' expertise and our qualified programming and consultancy services. For all software projects that can be done at the location of your company, or as a combined on-site version with more cost-effective fuss carried out by our virtual teams, ALPEIN Software SWISS AG provides diverse and interesting implementation components. In all of the implementation variants project management is required on-site. ALPEIN Software SWISS AG as well as each IT professional, including professional resources from virtual teams are constantly following the latest technologies and are being continuously trained in all IT components.  


Assign to ALPEIN Software SWISS AG your IT and software development projects and get the following benefits:

  • Optimized development costs through the highest operational flexibility, rationality and transfer of appropriate tasks to highly qualified IT professionals of our virtual teams
  • Permanent, general availability of numerous IT professionals with diverse qualification priorities
  • Flexibility in the use of professionals and teams and constant and flexible adaptation possibilities for personal capabilities, in accordance with the project requirements
  • The usage of extensive holistic know-how spectrum of ALPEIN Software SWISS AG as well as specialists from the virtual teams, in all common software development technologies
  • Efficient and goal-oriented project management and control
  • Compliance with West European performance and quality standards