Handling your private business from anywhere? With ALPEIN Software SWISS AG you can always be a part of this convenient trend! 

The success of mobile devices is enormous: many consumers already use several digital channels such as computers, tablets and smartphones simultaneously, with an increasing usage of tablets, in particular. That is why it is so important to have your applications not only on your desktop, but also on several other devices.

The development of mobile software operations for various applications is one of the core competencies of ALPEIN Software SWISS AG, developing and introducing mobile applications for smartphones and tablets for several years now.

You can also benefit from our experience in designing, implementing and distribution of your individual application:

  • On all major devices (Apple, Google, Android, Blackberry, Windows)

  • Multilingualism

  • Ordering function, connection to the store systems

  • Information about availability of products

Our customers get for both, mobile business applications (eg CPS tracking, time recording, etc.) and mobile promotional software (such as games, community applications, etc.) individual complete solutions and all essential services for your project by ALPEIN Software SWISS AG.