SAP Hana

SAP Hana, SAP's latest product, accelerates data storage through in-memory technology and enables new processes, which would be impossible to run on traditional platforms. Calculation and analysis are made in real-time for huge amounts of data. With our experience in the data storage and the transportation of it, you get the benefit from the new opportunities that this technology offers:

  • Reduced IT costs by consolidating database systems
  • Faster analysis than with traditional database systems
  • New opportunities with real-time calculations
  • Hosted and Cloud Scenarios 

Business Warehouse with SAP HANA brings you unimagined possibilities of consolidation, transformation and analysis of data. Pull data from your ERP, CRM or database system and let it be evaluated in real time. With the help of the Planning Engine, you are allowed to plan on the basis of historical data: there is a large scope of historical data, which is available in the Business Warehouse for reporting.