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Modell project SAP BI



Project Role:

SAP BI Consulting

  • Analysis of the requirements for a performance indicator system
  • Data modelling of the key figures and characteristics
  • Analysis of the source systems and planning of the data loading flows
  • Activation of Business Content DataSources, creation and adaptation of generic DataSources in the source system
  • Replication of DataSources to BW
  • Integration of DataSources into the data flow in BW
  • Create the EDW layer and integrate the DSO into the data flow
  • Creating and maintaining InfoCubes and multi providers
  • Embedding queries in web templates, creation of web reporting applications with the BEx Web Application Designer (WAD)
  • Creation and maintenance of reporting variables (characteristics, texts, customer exit)
  • Integrating and maintaining characteristic hierarchies in reporting
  • Creation and maintenance of workbooks with multiple queries and graphics (corporate design)
  • Extraction and loading: From flat files and R/3 (ECC 6.0), creation of flat files for loading CSV files
  • Modelling: Info objects, Infocubes, DSO, Infosources as well as transformations, creation of DTPs and scheduling in process chains
  • Query creation: Using the BEx Query Designer, displaying the reports in the BEx Analyzer, setting up Web Reports with the Web Application Designer, Bex Broadcaster, portal integration
  • Authorization concept: Development of a role concept, standard and info object authorization objects for reporting users
  • Development of process chains
  • Process chains, scheduling and monitoring of loading runs, analysis and correction of loading problems
  • Documentation of the development



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