TimeBar Chart is an extension for SAP Lumira Designer / SAP Lumira Discovery (former Design Studio and Lumira) designed to display charts in a flexible and scalable time bar. It's designed for MES and great works for the same kinds of input data also. Our extension can display various equipment states, for example: start, stop, failure, production and etc.

This TimeBar Chart consists of three components:

  • Stacked bar chart
  • Custom legend
  • Range slider


  • Design Studio 1.5+
  • Lumira 1.31+, 2.x
  • Browsers: Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer

Stacked bar chart

TimeBar chart consists of a Lumira Designer/Lumira Discovery chart component with a Stacked Bar. Status painting is available with conditional formatting options in the properties tab where rules control all occurrences of a status fields and set the specified color.

All standard properties of the Stacked Bar chart work with the Time Bar Chart application except for legend properties.

Custom legend

Time bar legend is a custom extension for the Time Bar Chart application. Its purpose is to display chart elements and their colors in the legend panel. Conditional formatting disables the legend to display data information properly, therefore users must manually specify text and color for each element in the properties tab.

You can find the technical specificationfor Lumira Designer (Design Studio) here as PDF.

You can find the technical specificationfor Lumira Discovery (Lumira) here as PDF.

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